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Top tips to feel more energised whilst you WFH

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

If you’d have been told last year that you’d be working from home for four months and counting, it might have sounded like a dream come true! The global pandemic has forced the majority of us into the world of remote working, and the reality of it can feel a lot less exciting than you thought. You are operating in new territory around how you work, communicate and meet expectations.

Are feeling exhausted, but unable to figure out why because all you’ve been doing is sitting, snacking and sleeping? One of the core factors of good mental wellbeing is being able to make our own choices, but frustratingly, a lot of our decisions have now been made for us. Despite this, you have to think a lot more and any stresses or difficulties during the day can increase exhaustion. In your old routine, a lot of actions were automatic, but now they require more active thinking.

Let’s look at a few easy ways you can conquer exhaustion and feel more energised all day long.

Keep up your normal morning routine

You’ve probably been gifted an extra hour of sleep now that your commute to work takes approximately one minute, but don’t let that change things too dramatically! If you roll out of bed at 08:55 and spend the morning in your pyjamas whilst sitting at your laptop, you know that you’re going to feel sleepy and unmotivated.

Get up and shower like you normally would and get dressed for work. I’m not saying you should be putting on your smartest outfit and a pair of heels - be comfortable but change up what you wear during the week compared to the weekend. It will shift your brain into work mode, as well as boosting your mood and motivation levels.

Consider your working environment

If you can, sit near a window where you can get some natural light. It’s scientifically proven that being able to look outside reduces blood pressure and the amount of stress hormones in your blood, both of which will improve your focus. We all know this one, but separating your working space from your living space is really important. If you’re struggling with a particular task, try moving to a different space, even if that’s just relocating from your desk to your kitchen table. It will re-energise you and give you a new perspective.

Movement keeps your mental wellbeing in check

With strict restrictions in place, we are suddenly moving a lot less than we were before. The less we move, the more lethargic we feel. Given that you are already feeling some exhaustion, it might be time to add some exercise into your daily routine. Obviously there are the many health benefits that come with exercise, but importantly here, even something low intensity like walking will raise your energy levels.

Try standing up during meetings and walking around whilst you’re on the phone. Perhaps move it up a notch and take short breaks to stretch or do a few mini exercises like star jumps or lunges. Anything that will get you moving.

Set boundaries for your work/home life

It’s pretty difficult to switch on for work and switch off when it’s time to ‘go home’. This is especially tricky now when you don’t have the time to fire yourself up on the way to work, or decompress on your commute home. Find ways to draw a line under your working day so that you can relax in the evenings. How would it be to take a short walk once you’ve finished in order to separate the two?

Something I know I struggle with is distracting myself with things like the laundry or the food shop. They suddenly seem attractive when you don’t want to tackle your to-do list! Maybe agree with yourself that you will take a 15 minute break in the mornings and afternoons to do ‘home’ things and apart from that, concentrate on your working day.

With all of these points, keep in mind what it is that you need to have a productive working day. Even though you are not in control of the world right now, what you are in control of is your home environment. Stay connected with your friends and family, and give yourself time to rest and relax. Hopefully soon, you can go back to work in a new normal, having mastered new skills and learned how to adapt in this difficult situation.


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