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The Happy Hour is an in-depth transformational 
coaching session designed to get you happier!

Yep, it's as simple as that. I promise that this strategically devised coaching session will provide you with the clarity you need to FIND YOUR HAPPY. Now I know, happiness is a bit elusive – I'm a big believer that it's not possible to know happiness unless you have some times that are unhappy. You can't have one without the other. But you do have a say! Everything you think, say and do has an impact on how you feel. What if you thought, said and did happier things? Intrigued?

Who is it for?

You, your mate, your mum,
and just about anyone!

Someone who would like to understand themselves better

Someone who has a challenge that's getting in their way

Someone who is excited to create sustainable happiness

Someone struggling with what this year as thrown at them

Someone who just needs some
me-time and a wellbeing boost

What happens in the Happy Hour?

It's a bit of a two-way street – I need you to come excited and willing to create changes in your life. I will bring all of my transformational coaching tools, ideas and expertise, and together we will uncover what happiness means to you, and where it's lacking currently. Sometimes, this is harder to recognise than you might think. If you knew how to be happy, you wouldn't need The Happy Hour. As your coach, it's my job to dig a little deeper, bring you new perspectives, and straighten out the lifetime of feelings and experiences that you have locked up inside your head.

Based on the questionnaire-style form I will get you (or the person you've gifted) to fill out before the session, I will design and modify The Happy Hour so that it is unique. Everyone is different, so whilst the main principles will stay the same, I will ensure the session is the perfect fit for each individual.

Okay, I'm in!

I'm so excited to hear that! Let's get the ball rolling. Simply click the button below to process your payment – then let the fun begin!




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Top 10 ways to transform your negative mindset

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