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How to stick to your self-care routine

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Self-care is great isn’t it? Spending time doing what you love and what you know will keep your wellbeing in check. There’s so much out there now, from the classic face mask, green tea and an early night, to the deeper practices of meditation, gratitude journaling and essential oils. What I love most is that your self-care routine is totally and completely up to you!

However, even the word ‘routine’ makes it feel a little bit too disciplined. What we used to call ‘me-time’ has grown into something more demanding, something that we feel bad about if we forget or don’t have the time. Suddenly self-care doesn’t feel very caring.

But let’s not forget why we started our self-care routines in the first place. Self-care is about regular activities that rejuvenate us, make us feel calmer and more focused. Being the best version of yourself means looking after your mind, body and soul. If you are feeling your best, you will be able to give your best to everything else in your life. Let’s look at a few ways to change up your self-care routine and make it easier to stick to.

Do things you love to do

Pretty much all of us know that we should be doing self-care but struggle with implementing it into our busy lives. So first things first, do the things that make you feel happier. I love doing something creative, but if you don’t like it, don’t do it! It’s incredibly hard to commit to something if you spend the whole time wishing you weren’t doing it. Start small and experiment with activities that you look forward to, even after a stressful day.

Be kind to yourself

Once you’ve picked out a few things that make you feel good, I want you to stay flexible. Sometimes you’re going to have such a jam-packed day that you just know that you aren’t going to have time to fit in your self-care. Don’t stress! It’s not about being perfect every single day, it’s about choosing to make time for yourself as much as you can. Another top tip here is not to be too restrictive. Rather than telling yourself that you must do 20 minutes of yoga every day, set an intention to simply move your body.

Schedule in time for self-care

We are so good at scheduling all other areas of our lives, but we aren’t so good at fixing a time to look after ourselves. I know it sounds a bit forced but consistency will help make your new habits stick. It’s about prioritising yourself and making small changes here and there that will give you time for self-care.

Remember why you’re doing it

You might need a little mindset shift if you’re struggling. Forget all about the who, what, where, when and bring the focus back to the why. Remember that you are making time for self-care because showing up for yourself means you are better able to show up for other people in your life. Make it a non-negotiable, just like washing your hair or cooking dinner.

For me, it’s about focusing on the good feelings I get as a result of self-care. I know that when I make time for myself, I always feel recharged and ready for a new day.

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